The fourth evening of the festival will be legendary. Although we live in a time of change, some things don’t change, right? The band will present the album “Lonesome Moon”, created during the pandemic, for the first time in Lithuania!

The two-year-old album was released last fall in an impressive concert recording format. The work on the concert recording took several months in a specially equipped studio, where the songs were also recorded live.

For three decades, the band has been gathering loyal fans who rediscover the band’s music. “A Day Before Tomorrow”, “My Star”, and “Maybe” – are songs that many generations of pop music lovers have memorized. It’ll also be possible to hear already celebrated tracks from the latest album (“Feels”, “Karuseli”, “Moja Luna”) and completely new tracks in Latvian.

Latvian pop-rock band “BrainStorm” has released more than 20 albums in different languages since the group’s beginning. Its unforgettable concerts in both their native Latvia and abroad fill halls with listeners. The warmth of amber radiates from this group. The band is sure to captivate stadiums with their extraordinary sound and sophistication. “BrainStorm” is also known as the “sandbox ensemble” because they’ve managed the incredible feat of bringing a true childhood friendship from the local farm to the world stage. The “BrainStorm” phenomenon is a fusion of three language cultures – Latvian, Russian, and English. A band from a small European country has become a global phenomenon, making the difficulty of translating song lyrics from one language to another obsolete. Their work with the legendary Anton Corbin, the author of iconic photos of “Depeche Mode”, “Red Hot Chilli Peppers”, “U2”, and “Metallica”, gives “BrainStorm” international recognition.

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