the orchestra

On the first evening of the festival, the spatial boundaries of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania will be further expanded by the opening performance of “Daddy Was a Milkman” (Ignas Pociūnas). This vocalist, recognized by music critics and listeners alike, will perform a premiere programme created specially for “Midsummer Vilnius”.

What audiences love about “Daddy Was A Milkman” will open up a new, more diverse musical palette. The trilogy of feelings, memories, and experiences will be complemented by well-known hits and the latest works of the performer. Quality and innovative solutions in music arrangements will be ensured by Jievaras Jasinskis, one of the most promising and talented young composers and arrangers in Lithuania. The orchestra conducted by Modestas Pitrėnas will also give the programme a powerful impulse and a unique sound.

The music of “Daddy Was A Milkman” is undoubtedly unique among the works of Lithuanian artists, successful not only in Lithuania but also abroad. Foreign radio stations often broadcast Počiūnas’s songs and he was awarded “Artist of the Year” at the M.A.M.A 2018 Music Awards. Many organizers of major festivals in our region want to see Ignas Pociūnas in their programmes. “Daddy Was A Milkman” has performed several times at the biggest festival in the Baltics, “Positivus”. Four years ago, he released the double studio album “Intimate Us”, and at the end of 2021, the first album of Lithuanian songs “When Autumn Taught Me” (“Kai ruduo mane mokė”). Works from this album will be heard at the festival’s opening concert.

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