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Justinas Jarutis


One of the country’s most stylish performers, Justinas Jarutis, will close this year’s “Midsummer Vilnius” Festival with a mesmerising performance on 26 July 2024. The exclusive show format will include dancing and partying until dusk (no usual seating is arranged). The bright, sexy, retro-romantic music party will take place in the heart of the Vilnius Old Town, at the Courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes. 

Justinas Jarutis’s talent emerged in Lithuania more than 15 years ago. His band “Freaks On Floor” was known for its modern sound, high-quality production and impeccable vocal performance. “Freaks On Floor” won numerous titles and was named the best rock band in the country.

In 2018, the singer started his solo career, showing himself in bright, new colours. Melodic and stylish combinations of pop, country and folk complemented the expressive energy of rock. 

Justinas Jarutis’s songs “Tell Me Your Story”, “Angel”, “Stay With Me” have become popular hits with the audience, are streamed on the leading radio stations, and performed at the biggest music festivals and arenas in the country.

He has also won numerous music awards, including the “Artist of the Year”, the “Album of the Year” and the “Concert Artist of the Year”.

In 2023, Justinas Jarutis staged a musical show in Vingis Park on a scale never seen before, proving that his ambitions reach the highest creative peaks. 


Justinas Jarutis


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