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Gregory Porter with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra


The “Midsummer Vilnius” Festival presents its most significant and remarkable international collaboration ever. 

We are thrilled to announce that the Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Gregory Porter will open the ninth “Midsummer Vilnius” Festival on 15 July 2024. This is a rare opportunity to experience Gregory Porter’s one–time performance alongside the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra under the glorious midsummer sky at the Courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Gregory Porter, who has captivated audiences worldwide, has many fans in Lithuania. His concerts, which usually sell out quickly, are a feast for the ears of music lovers.

The world-famous singer has been praised as “America’s second-best jazz singer” after Louis Armstrong. Gregory Porter’s creations bring listeners to a different time and space. His music is a blend of jazz, blues, gospel, and soul.

He was born and raised under the Californian sun, and his life story is as transformative as a movie plot. 

Gregory Porter started his career as a football player. After suffering severe injuries, he found himself in Brooklyn, working as a chef in the kitchen of his brother’s restaurant. He was also a crooner, singing in New York nightclubs and bars.

His debut album “Water”, released in 2010, brought him international fame. In total, Gregory Porter has garnered 2 GRAMMY wins and received 7 GRAMMY nominations.

The talented singer’s songs “L-O-V-E”, “Hey Laura”, “Christmas Wish”, “Everything’s Not Lost”, “Smile”, “Somebody”, “Holding On”, and many others have conquered the hearts and playlists of music lovers. 


Gregory Porter with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra


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