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Naturally 7


Bringing vocal magic to the stage, one of the world’s most famous a cappella groups, “Naturally 7,” returns to Lithuania. On July 24th, they will perform a unique show in the melomaniacal setting of the “Midsummer Vilnius’24” stage, in the Grand Courtyard of the Royal Palace.

The vocal orchestra, comprised of seven virtuosos, will sound like never before. A unique sonic experience created during the performance will be enhanced by the innovative “Immersive Sound” audio technology used at the festival.

In Vilnius, the singers promise to deliver a special program crafted exclusively for this evening – vibrant, vivid, and romantic – perfect for listening under the open sky. Rest assured, it will feature the best hits performed by “Naturally 7,” including “Feel It,” “Wall of Sound,” “Fix You,” and others.

Formed over 20 years ago in New York City, “Naturally 7” has built up a large fanbase worldwide, and their music is highly esteemed among music professionals.

Using only their voices as instruments, the virtuosos effortlessly orchestrate music from various genres. It’s incredible, but synthesizers, electric guitars, violins, trumpets, and other diverse instruments heard in their performances are produced solely vocally.

The legendary music producer and composer Quincy Jones dubbed them the future of vocal music, while Canadian superstar Michael Bublé invited the ensemble to tour the world (together they held nearly 500 concerts). The vocal orchestra also shares a friendly bond with the British group “Coldplay” – their rendition of “Fix You” was born after joint concerts together.


Naturally 7


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