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FC Baseball


In a debut performance at the “Midsummer Vilnius” festival, the esteemed artist Tautvydas Gaudiešius, also known as FC Baseball, will grace the enchanting stage of the Grand Courtyard at the Palace of the Grand Dukes. On the evening of July 18th, he will immerse the audience in a captivating blend of heartfelt melodies, profound monochromatic  introspection and intellectual dreamlike romance.

Tautvydas Gaudiešius, formerly recognized as “Junior A,” has already captured the attention of major record labels with his music. His composition “Sleep Machine” found a place among esteemed Spotify playlists such as “USA Viral Top 50” and “New Music Friday USA,” alongside celebrated artists like Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean.

Experiencing meteoric success, the versatile songwriter embarked on an unpredictable creative journey. In 2020, adopting his new alter ego, “FC Baseball” started to create songs in lithuanian language.

In a span of just over 16 months, “FC Baseball” has released three critically acclaimed music albums – “Lùna”, “Vorai,” and “Žvėrynė.” Tracks like “Kai oras atšils”, “Gyvenimas”, “Saturnas”, “Mūzos”, and “Gėlės po stiklu” have emerged as cherished favorites among listeners.

Tautvydas Gaudešius has said that his mission is to be masterfully human in art. “I constantly talk about songwriting as the truest magic because that’s how I feel,” says the songwriter.

From unity and honor to parties, girls, pride, sins, and desire – presenting to your attention – “FC Baseball.”


FC Baseball


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