JAMALA & Andrey Chmut Band (UA)

On the eighth evening of the festival, the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes might not accommodate the sensuality brought by the Ukrainian singer, the Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala, together with Andrey Chmut Band. The programme will consist of 6 unique compositions and jazz standards. Jazz is freedom, life, and improvisation.

Although Jamala is associated with the song “1944”, which won the “Eurovision Song Contest”, for many Jamala is far from being only a performer of a Eurovision hit. The elegance, professionalism, and extraordinary timbre of the voice radiated by Jamala on the stage do not leave anyone indifferent.

Jamala, a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, can use her rich and robust voice in various styles of music. Having acquired the specialty of opera soloist at the academy, the singer has won various jazz festivals, singing folk songs of different nations and trying to perform other music styles. Her latest album features melodies of modern R’n’B and soul music styles. In Lithuania, Jamala will perform with five talented musicians – Andrey Chmut Band, which includes Andrey Chmut (saxophone), George Iweze (bass guitar), and Nik Nakonechniy (electric guitar), Tobi Medic Drums (drums), Igor Agrich (keyboards).

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