The third evening of the festival will show the most profound emotional layers. Lithuanian indie-folk group “Kamanių šilelis” is worth listening to, feeling, and seeing with your own eyes. The show will feature minimalist, rhythmic, gently psychedelic music that always comes from the deepest parts of the heart. The concert will also feature an ensemble of four voices, which will enrich the songs with new arrangements and add life and energy like “real witches”.

The songs contain lyrics by Kamilė Gudmonaitė, poet Donaldas Kajokas, and Lithuanian folklore, wrapped in modern indie motifs and traditional instruments of Lithuanian and other cultures: jew’s harp, Sitara, and didgeridoo. The concert will feature well-known songs and tracks from the band’s latest album, “9”.

The duo – director Kamilė Gudmonaitė and actor Mantas Zemleckas – has been buzzing, sounding, and growing together for more than ten years. What stories will “Kamanių šilelis” tell this summer?

The artist duo, which began its musical activities in 2011, released three albums (“Everything Flows” (“Viskas teka”) – 2014; “Home” (“Namai”) – 2017, “9” – 2020) and surprised audiences with bold experiments and their style of folk music and non-traditional instruments. At the first concerts, “Kamanių šilelis“ played their works with tools found at home or in the garden, and now electronics can also be heard in their songs. In the beginning, the duo was driven by youthful maximalism, and everything revolved around love and creativity. Today, they’re two very talented adults that talk about their inner experiences and the importance of listening to silence and themselves.

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