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2023 / 07 / 25
Vilnius, Valdovų rūmai

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The voice that takes you back to your childhood or cinematic Paris. It gently (and sometimes passionately) sways into nostalgic autumn colors. On the 25th of July, Alina Orlova will perform on the “Midsummer Vilnius” stage with band members Adas Gecevičius and Paulius Vaškas, accompanied by a wind quintet and cello.

“At the “Midsummer” festival, we will hold our first concert in the open air, in Vilnius. This is a special event because this concert program has only been played live with this lineup once.

During the show, we are also planning the premieres of several new songs that were recently born,” says the well-known performer.

Especially for this festival, A. Orlova is preparing an audiovisual performance that will give a new depth to her music: “We will create a mysterious and fabulous mood of a midsummer night’s dream, using various visual means. I invite everyone indifferent to music’s poetic and atmospheric sound to celebrate this magical summertime together.”

At the festive concert in Vilnius, A. Orlova will present a program combining the most famous works and songs from the recently released new album “Laumžirgiai,” which has already found its way into the hearts of the listeners. The 15-year-old composing and performing songwriter does not appear very often in Lithuania, so every meeting is a pleasant miracle.

Her latest album, “Laumžirgiai” is minimalist, thoughtful, and atmospheric, with a lively, slightly psychedelic sound, looking at the world as if from the flight of a dragonfly. It contains the last few years’ feelings, thoughts, metaphors, and questions.

Wind quintet: Danielius Daubaras (euphonium), Kristupas Gikas (flute), Mėta Gabrielė Pelegrimatė (flute), Salomėja Kalvelytė (flute) and Simonas Kaupinis (tuba).

Cellist: Tomas Ramančiūnas.


Alina Orlova – LAUMŽIRGIAI (full album)

Alina Orlova – LAUMŽIRGIAI MĖLYNI (official video)

Doors: 20:00

Event duration: ~1:30 – 2:00

Breaks: none

Event language: lithuanian/english

Children are admitted free of charge: up to 6 years of age without taking up additional seating (serve proof of age during control)

Age censorship: none


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There are no reviews yet.