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2023 / 07 / 24
Vilnius, Valdovų rūmai

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Premiere “Youth” 

or scenarios 

that parents and children live by.

On the evening of July 24th, during the festival “Midsummer Vilnius,” the premiere of the latest dance performance of “Anzelika Cholina Dance Theater” named “Youth” will occur. This work is based on the original libretto by the artist.

It is a contrasting psychological tragicomedy in which the modern dramas of family life are conveyed in the language of dance, with the powerful sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach. The plot of the play “Youth” intertwines fragments of the lives of six families and collides with two worlds – children and adults.

“I have always been interested in getting closer to the truth about life by exploring various aspects of human relationships. The relationship between parents and children is the most complex communication between people. Families are created in youth, so most of them become parents when they are still children…” – says A. Cholina about the dance performance “Youth.” During the creative process, the director delved into the origin of fundamental family conflicts based on the insights of psychologists.

The latest work of Anželika Cholina’s dance theater is unique in its multigenre. Classical ballet here pulsates with contemporary, modern, and street dance energy. In addition, for the first time in the history of this theater, experienced stage art masters create a performance together with exceptionally talented students of ballet, dance, and acting schools (13-16 years old).

“It will be a kind of art therapy session allowing you to look inside the family life. I invite you to the performance with older children and teenagers,” says the director.

Director-choreographer and libretto author: Anželika Cholina

Set designer: Marijus Jacovskis

Costume designer: Olga Filatova Kontrimienė

The artist of lights: Eugenijus Sabaliauskas

Doors: 20:00

Event duration: ~1:30 – 2:00

Breaks: none

Event language: lithuanian/english

Children are admitted free of charge: no

Age censorship: N12


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