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2023 / 07 / 20
Vilnius, Valdovų rūmai

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On July 20, one of the most stylish Lithuanian progressive pop music artists – Evgenya Redko, distinguished by her unique visual aesthetics and live performance energy – will reign on the stage of “Midsummer Vilnius.” She is creating a new program for the festival – Grand Show – and promises to reveal herself in other colors.

Listeners will have an opportunity to experience emotional, sensitive moments and feel the midsummer ecstasy that carries the frenzy of the party. A live band will create a powerful stage show, along with a brass section and backing vocals. All performers will broadcast music with instruments performing a choreographed show specially created for this concert.

“This will be my biggest performance, pulsating with power, inviting you to celebrate and enjoy the seriousness of dance.” I am looking forward to presenting my new vision of music and aesthetics, which matured in my mind for a long time,” says E. Redko.

After starting her solo career in 2019, E. Redko immediately shot to the top of the charts, performing contemporary alternative pop music, and creating impressive music videos. Her compositions collect millions of views and streams on YouTube, Spotify, and other music streaming platforms.

The artist’s work and stage activities have been marked by numerous awards – MAMA breakthrough of the year (2019), two progressive pop music group/performer awards (2021, 2022), and two popular albums, “Deivės” and “SOS.”

According to E. Redko, festivalgoers will be the first to experience and enjoy the start of a new beginning in the upcoming year.

Doors: 20:00

Event duration: ~1:30 – 2:00

Breaks: none

Event language: lithuanian/english

Children are admitted free of charge: up to 6 years of age without taking up additional seating (serve proof of age during control)

Age censorship: none


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There are no reviews yet.