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2023 / 07 / 26
Vilnius, Valdovų rūmai

Pasirinkite kiekį


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On July 26, the second international collaboration initiated by the “Midsummer Vilnius” festival will take place – Francesco Tristano (LUX) + Gediminas Gelgotas with the New Ideas chamber orchestra (NICO) of the city of Vilnius. Their unique performance will cross the boundaries of traditional and modern genres.

It will be like J.S. Bach and A. Vivaldi visiting a dance music club, where experimental “mashups” of techno and jazz improvisations sound… And these are accompanied live by a masterful, simply unearthly orchestra of string instruments.

Francesco Tristano Schlimé is one of the few pianists, composers, and DJs who can freely maneuver between Bach, Buxtehude, Frescobaldi, Vivaldi, and techno. Or between the works of Berry, Cage, Stravinsky, jazz, and experimental electronics.

His recital performances are in prestigious concert halls: Paris Philharmonic “Cité de la Musique, “Royal Festival Hall, Funkhaus Berlin, “Sala “São Paulo, Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, as well as Barcelona’s “Sonar, “Metz, Evian, and other famous festivals.

The New Ideas chamber orchestra (NICO) is famous for its exceptional performance quality and original performances. The musicians perform all the pieces by heart, connecting popular and classical music with unconventional string instrument playing techniques. Their performances are scenographic, creating a magnificent, simply unearthly musical experience.

The orchestra, founded 17 years ago, has had to perform many times on the world’s biggest stages in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Such personalities as the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and Queen Sonja of Norway have listened to their performance.

NICO artists are laureates of many international and republican competitions, and the music of the group’s artistic director G. Gelgotas plays at prestigious European festivals. His work is based on the aesthetics of minimalism, and modern, multi-stylistic influences, combining the beauty of an ascetic melody with an infectious rhythmic beginning. Music critics pay attention to the breadth, depth, freedom, courage, and, most importantly, the openness of Gelgotas’ creative views.

For original, innovative artistic expression, the emotional suggestion of creation, and making sense of the diversity of music, passing on one’s experience to the young musicians, promoting Lithuanian professional music in the world in 2020. The creator was awarded the highest Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania award, “Carry your light and believe.”

Doors: 20:00

Event duration: ~1:30 – 2:00

Breaks: none

Event language: lithuanian/english

Children are admitted free of charge: up to 6 years of age without taking up additional seating (serve proof of age during control)

Age censorship: none


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