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2023 / 07 / 18
Vilnius, Valdovų rūmai

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On the second evening of “Midsummer Vilnius,” the contrasting show of virtuoso cellist Justas Kulikauskas – “Future Cello” will be on stage. Masterfully controlling the instrument and sound effect pedals, he adds various synthetic colors, spaces, and textures to the sound of a classical cello – the sense of the future dimension.

For the upcoming festival “Future Cello” is making a vital and dynamic performance that will feel like a ride on a roller coaster. It features original works inspired by mysticism, powerful film music, and expertly arranged covers of dance music hits.

“The performance will evolve in terms of the number of musicians on stage and the music’s style, emotion, and intensity. And at the end, I hope to bring the listeners to their feet with the sound of modern dance and pop music pieces, such as “Alors On Danse”, and “Intoxicated,” – reveals J. Kulikauskas.

“Future Cello” will be joined by a group of talented Lithuanian performers – Aurimas Galvelis (guitar, effects), Karolis Šarkus (saxophone), Klementina Venciūtė (violin), Džiugas Daugirda (drums, percussion) and others.

Kulikauskas is fascinated by space, mysticism, Sci-Fi genre, and this, according to the artist himself, reflects the atmosphere of the performance he creates.

The artist has released four solo albums and performed with various bands in Europe, the USA, and Asia. His fourth album, released in collaboration with producer Tom Evans from the United Kingdom, is featured in TV series and movie trailers in the United States.

Doors: hour until event start

Event duration: ~1:30 – 2:00

Breaks: none

Event language: lithuanian/english

Children are admitted free of charge: up to 6 years of age without taking up additional seating (serve proof of age during control)

Age censorship: none


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There are no reviews yet.