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Pasirinkite norimą kiekį

Gabrielė Vilkickytė

2024 / 07 / 16

Pasirinkite kiekį

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On the evening of July 16th, the poetic songwriter and singer Gabrielė Vilkickytė returns to the stage of “Midsummer Vilnius.”

Singing from the heart and transmitting raw authenticity on stage, the songwriter houses a multitude of different rooms within her soul. From the lyrical, resonating with the overtones of Vytautas Kernagis, to the gritty, captivating the audience with passionate low registers.

However, as the performer confesses, her creativity is born within the confines of her small home space.

Gabrielė Vilkickytė’s lyrics harbor sensitive and meaningful messages, while the music videos take on unexpected visual attire in places like early childhood hospitals or karate communities (by the way, the performer holds a yellow karate belt!).

The owner of the silver voice calls her concerts “life events”, as they foster the growth of both the artist and her accompanying team. “I write songs from my life and leave them for all the lives that will need them,” – that’s the motto that resonates on her YouTube channel.

Gabrielė Vilkickytė began her musical career in a girls’ choir called “Liepaitės.” At the age of 16, she flew to Australia to study and volunteered in Chicago. In 2018, after releasing the mini-album “Kilometrai,” she traveled to Hong Kong, USA and Australia. During her time in Hong Kong, she released a mini-documentary called “Hong Kong: To Be Here.”

In the “M.A.M.A. 2021” awards, she won the title of “Breakthrough of the Year.” The songwriter’s work has garnered a large audience, accumulating hundreds of thousands of listens on streaming platforms.



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