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Pasirinkite norimą kiekį

Roe Deers Orchestra

2024 / 07 / 17

Pasirinkite kiekį

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Electronic music producer and DJ Liudas Lazauskas, also known as Roe Deers, with his exceptional style, will fulfill a long-cherished dream this year. On the evening of July 17th, he will create a royal electronic music party together with the festival orchestra. This will be a unique and singular creative synthesis that you will only experience during “Midsummer Vilnius’24.” The “Roe Deers Orchestra” is an extraordinary event in the Lithuanian electronic music scene, featuring arrangements by the talented young composer Jievaras Jasinskis.

“This performance will be my first live collaboration with other musicians on stage, and not just a few, but with the whole orchestra. Several guest vocalists will join us as well. We will try to play through all the essential stages of my 8-year career – from the first releases to my unheard new creations, and they will sound completely different from what you’ve heard before. We joked with the festival organizers that these will also be the first dances in the courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes,” says Liudas Lazauskas–Roe Deers.

Only standing room tickets are available for this festival concert.

Liudas Lazauskas was born and started his musical career in Druskininkai. He felt his calling for music at the age of 12. His first pair of turntables and mixer fell into the hands of the future DJ. A year later, he began collecting vinyl records and playing at his parents’ nightclub. Not long after, well-known nightclubs in Lithuania and Europe opened their doors to the artist.

Liudas Lazauskas released his debut album “Salt Town Boy” under the flag of Roe Deers in 2020.



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