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Pasirinkite norimą kiekį

Martynas Levickis and Mikroorkéstra

2024 / 07 / 23

Pasirinkite kiekį

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After an eight-year hiatus, the charismatic accordion virtuoso Martynas Levickis returns to the stage of “Midsummer Vilnius”. On the evening of July 23rd in the Grand courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Dukes, he will perform passionate music that resonates in the finest, most prestigious concert halls worldwide.

An artist who increasingly rarely performs in Lithuania promises that the only show dedicated to Vilnius music lovers this summer will be different. Set against the backdrop of the Old Town, it will be more intimate.

The concert title, coded with the word “storm,” refers to one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time – Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s cycle “The Four Seasons”, which will form the heart of this performance. Unexpected musical layers will be added to the summer evening with arrangements of Lithuanian folk songs performed in interludes by the virtuoso himself.

Martynas Levickis, who is building a successful international career in Germany, last year became a visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London and won the prestigious “Opus Klassik” music award – he was named instrumentalist of the year.

Feeling classical and popular music at heart, the virtuoso chooses bold programs for his performances, with modern stage design, often experimenting with his stage persona, and seeking unexpected musical connections.

In his concerts, you’ll find both Hollywood-famed hits and melodies from centuries past, performed by the musician on the unconventional accordion, derived from folklore. Indeed, Martynas Levickis can be heard playing the piano, performing vocal ballads, and even conducting orchestras in his concerts.

As an additional note, at the “Midsummer Vilnius” stage, the virtuoso will share the spotlight with the chamber orchestra of budding talents, renowned as “Mikroorkéstra.”



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